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“What’s the point? People should accept me as I am!”

Well, that’s one way of looking at it.  Another, is that they don’t actually have to accept you at all.  So, why not start out with all the tools you need to make a good first impression?

Having etiquette knowledge in your back pocket doesn’t change who you are, it just makes you a more knowledgeable you- and might even give you that extra edge!

“Isn’t all Etiquette just posh nonsense?”

Rules of conduct and behaviour have existed throughout history and in every culture. The fact that the word we most use for polite behaviour comes from the reign of Louis XIV (1638-1715), when he issued ‘étiquettes’ (the French for tickets) on which were printed the Rules of Attendance at Court, leads many people to think that etiquette is solely rule-based, stuffy and out-dated.

In actual fact, at their core, most etiquette ‘rules’, even seemingly odd rituals, have their roots in common sense and, more importantly, in putting people at their ease.

Creating Polished Professionals

People Skills * Relationship Building * Communications * Business Etiquette * Social Skills * Dining Etiquette

People often ask me if etiquette, and its accompanying skill set, is relevant in our modern world.

My answer is a resounding YES, but then it would be. Let's turn instead to the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, whose members place
'People skills and Relationship-building’ at the top of the list of desirable attributes for employees
- a full five places above 'Technical Skills'.*

- Pablo Picasso

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

Working with Hilary: What others have to say

"Hilary's excellent organisational and people skills are an asset to any organisation; I have never known anyone use simple politeness and good manners to such good commercial effect. A delight to work with."

~ Steve Gibbons, Director - Labour and Human Rights, Ergon Associates

"Hilary is great at relaying her message, our audience felt she held 90 individual conversations
all at the same time."

~John Arlette, Medical Director, Total Skin Care Centre

"The basis for all good human behaviour is kindness." Eleanor Roosevelt

"I discovered that as much as business people needed training in thinking on their feet, they needed far more training in the fine art of getting along with people in everyday business and socials contexts.”

Andrew Carnegie

The Polished Professional

We know that having the right skills builds confidence, professionalism and success.  Develop your staff and your business will grow.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how our courses and training can help add to your success.

We specialize in helping you put your best foot forward with courses in business etiquette, social skills and international protocol.

*Canadian Council of Chief Executives Report:

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